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My name is Janine Redman and together with a few stalwart helpers we run the Hampshire Harriers Flyball teams. We train on the border of Hampshire and Dorset and compete across the Southern part of the UK. Our club caters for people who wish to have fun and those who wish to have fun and compete.


Flyball is a recent dog sport which started in the USA and came over to the UK in the 1990`s. It is essentially a team sport in which a relay of four dogs one at a time, jump four hurdles, trigger a flyball box, retrieve a tennis ball and return over the same four hurdles. Each team can have 6 dogs but only four race each time and the height of the jumps is dependant on the height of the smallest dog in the team. What sounds very simple in essence becomes complicated when racing competitively where 100ths of a second count.

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    well done to all the teams who competed at the British Flyball Championships Read More
  • European Championships - 2012 +

    The teams thoroughly enjoyed their long weekend away to Ely in Cambridgeshire for the European Championships. With one team Friday Read More
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